The Exploding Elephant is the latest collection of stories featuring Bobby as he is ready to graduate from high school. He is still having girl trouble, still fishing with Uncle Al, and still having the kind of adventures that most kids never encounter.

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•  Save the Last Dance – A Story of North American Grassland Grouse – A new book by award-winning photographer Noppadol Paothong and noted outdoor writer Joel M. Vance strives to rescue grassland grouse from the brink of extinction by showing the world what it stands to lose if these species are allowed to disappear forever. This 204-page hardbound book captures the dazzling beauty of seven grouse species whose populations are diminishing across the prairies and plains of America – and one species that has already lost its battle for survival.

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Billy Barnstorm and Grandma and the Buck Deer are available as a set. See below for descriptions of each book.

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Billy Barnstorm is a paperback of short stories, written by Joel Vance, which is a continuation of Grandma and the Buck Deer, as the boys move into their teenage years.  Softcover and available for your pleasure and as welcome gifts.  About Billy Barnstorm, famed humorist Pat McManus says: “It’s a wonderful trip back in time and by no means a simpler time, at least for a boy coming of age.  The ending is powerful and perfect.”   Publisher/writer/editor Nick Lyons says this: “I loved  Billy Barnstorm.”  And Ted Williams, editor-at-Large, Audubon: “This book is up there with the best bad-mood cures I know about.”  Billy Barnstorm is also available as an e-book for your Nook.

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Grandma and the Buck  Deer (softcover) is a collection of short stories about three boys growing up in a northern Wisconsin town and the misadventures they get into.

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Down Home Missouri is a memoir of growing up in Dalton, a central Missouri town, in the 1950s… and learning to French kiss and castrate hogs–not at the same time. Down Home Missouri is also available as an e-book for your Nook.

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• Tails I Lose is an affectionate look at bird dogs, specifically Brittanies (hence the title) and bird hunting.

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Autumn Shadows is a collection of outdoor ghost stories–some with real scary spooks; others with spooks of the mind, the kind that you see out of the corner of your eye. Limited, signed edition. Autumn Shadows is also available as an e-book for your Nook.

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A Literary Weapon of Mass Destruction is Joel Vance’s latest book, currently available as an e-book for your Nook or Kindle.

This is a personal memoir by one of the country’s leading humorists.  From high school graduation to Gray Panther, Vance carries us along with adventures in journalism, the National Guard, life, love, golf, basketball and sex.  Often laugh-out-loud funny, it also is moving and tackles the grim realities of racial prejudice, presidential assassination and the perils of smoking.  There’s a segment on dog breeding that, if you don’t laugh until you cry, you might be dead. This is a page-turner that keeps you guessing as to what subject Vance’s agile mind will skewer next (ever heard of corkball?).  Join Vance for a stop at a Klan rally in Alabama or sit with him and fire artillery rounds at white-tailed deer in Minnesota.





By Joel M. Vance     There were a dozen couples grouped around a table in a nightspot, all of us on dates. I knew the guys but was only vaguely familiar with their girlfriends so I studied their names more assiduously than I ever did, for example, algebra. It would be horribly embarrassing to […]

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