“I once described myself as looking like Robert Redford would look if he looked like me. Well, Bobby and I both have gotten much older and while I can’t promise to be cute anymore I can promise that this little electronic hangout will offer you a few minutes that will be interesting, funny, educational or aggravating, sometimes all at once.

Come back often—it’ll change frequently.

For 60 years I’ve been batting the keys of various writing machines, turning out news, fiction and humor about the outdoors and the indoors. I’ve published seven books and one book-on-tape. The ones still in print are for sale here. I put up universally-acclaimed tomato salsa every year, but it’s not for sale. Talk nice and I might give you some.

Read the blog page to get mad, sad, happy—anything but bored. The photos are ones I like out of thousands of images I’ve taken all over the country. Marty, my wife of 54 years, and I have five children, eight dogs (at last count), four canoes/kayaks, a bunch of shotguns, guitars, mandolins and banjos, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Join us for a while…”


By Joel M. Vance It’s called “beggar’s tick,” among the more charitable names. What you call it when your long-haired setter comes back covered with the sticky little seeds can’t be reproduced in anything remotely approaching a family magazine. Others group the seeds with anything that clings to fur and chaps as “sticktights.” Desmodium is […]

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By Joel M. Vance A while back I spit in a test tube ...


By Joel M. Vance Our son Andy was in mourning, tears welling, a feeling of hopeless abandonment, an overwhelming sense of ...